Wednesday, November 14, 2012

He Made It To Ukraine!

After traveling for 33 hours Kyle has finally made it to Ukraine! Here is his first email he sent!

"We are finally here! As I walked off the plane I was greeted with cold weather and multiple people in big, fur hats. I stood in line in a sketchy passport line in what looked like an airplane hanger, later to find out that it is a brand new 'airport' and the pride of the city. The flight went well, I was able to sleep a little bit on the last flight. Everyone could tell we were Americans. Well, at least Sister pharis and jones. they thought I was German I guess, because they kept trying to speak to me in German. Once I got to the baggage claim, I was greeted by the AP's and President Campero. We were driven across Donetsk, and it was uh..yeah, different! haha. I'm hoping that my apartment isn't like half of the ones i saw coming here. Anyways, after this email we are headed to the mission home. I didn't end up tracting because even though it is only 4:21 pm here, it's dark and no one is out right now. I will include pictures during next pday, I have a lot from the mtc I still need to send and im sure I will have a lot by the time Monday rolls around (that is my pday"

**If you would like to write Kyle he has a new address! Here it is!
Elder Kyle Litzenberger
Ukraine Donetsk Mission
Prospekt bogdana Khmelnitskogo 67 a
Donetsk 83087 Ukraine, украина


 Kyle with President Campero and his wife!
Elder Jones, Kyle, and Sister Pharis at the mission home in Donetsk!

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