Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 4: Contacting, Spells, & Spoons?!?

Okay! I thought of a clever little way to arrange this for maximum productivity! Let's give it a go.

Blessings: K, so this week I have had a couple cool experiences. There was one day where we were going out contacting at 7AM. We always go from 7-8:30 to try and get to meet people that need help or are interested in our message. This one particular day it was raining (of course..). We went an hour and 20 minutes of walking miles in the rain with no one wanting to talk to us. We ended up outside our apartment building with 10 minutes left, and decided to finish strong instead of going in early. At 8:35 we walked back to our apartment building with no success (Success being conversations, in this case). Then, the very last two people we talked to were people that were both interested in what we had to say. If we wouldn't have gone out the extra 10 minutes, we wouldn't have found them and been able to get their contact info. We're hoping to meet with them this next week. It was little, but it was definitely a testimony builder about enduring to the end. Don't ever sell yourself short!
Experience for the week: This last Thursday we had splits, and we went out with some of the ward members. This was an interesting experience, mainly because the man I was going out with speaks 0 English. We talked a little bit, and proceeded to contact through the night and visit some less active members. There was one guy who followed us for like, 20 minutes yelling. I didn't think anything of it at the time, because that's just Ukraine. He followed us around shaking his fists and screaming. Every time we'd go talk to someone he would yell something and they'd hurry away. After a while I turned around, went up to talk to him, handed him a brochure with a smile, and said "If you need help, our number is on the back!" Well, during one of our meetings this last Sunday they asked how splits went. The man who went with me said he was pretty shaken up, because  that guy was apparently a Satanist trying to cast spells on us. I don't know what's worse, the fact he was trying to cast spells on us or the fact that it didn't seem out of the ordinary to me? 
Interesting Fact: It's bad luck/taboo to whistle here, and it's really looked down upon to books on the ground. I really wish I knew that before I put my Book of Mormon on the ground to tie my shoes while whistling. 
Lessons: This week we taught a ton of less active/Recent convert lessons. We've also been bringing a lot of recent converts with us in on lessons to bear testimony of what a blessing the gospel has been to them. It's been a great experience for everyone. I've been practicing teaching the lessons about the restoration of our church, and the plan of Salvation this last week. During one lesson, an older woman was pouring her heart out about all of the trials she had in our life. I was trying to console her, by saying something along the lines of "Life can be incredibly difficult, but..." But instead, I some how got my words mixed up and said "Life can be incredible spoons". Yeah, it was pretty embarrassing but gave me a good laugh. I guess that's how you learn the hard way, haha. 
Scripture of the week: Proverbs 29:18. "Where there is no vision, the people perish". How true is that? I could go on forever talking about how many different interpretations this could offer, but I think I'll leave it to your imaginations. 
Thank you for all of your support and love, I really appreciate it. I hope you have a fantastic week!

Good news!
***It turns out that we have to move tonight last minute all the way across the city. It's like an hour away. We are living with the other 2 missionaries, Lambert and Porter because they are doing last minute renovations on our apartment, then after a week we are moving to the opposite end of the city for good. Apparently it's going to be a super duper nice apartment though so I'm happy about that :) I'll take pictures as soon as I see it. ***

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