Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 8: Caroling, New Years, & Bus Rides!

Blessings: It's been warm! SOoooo warm! Well, relatively. High 20s low 30s F. Most of my blessigns are people just stopping to talk to me, and in some cases drunk people not stopping to talk to us. 

The week: We went caroling yesterday, not very many people cared except a bunch of old people. I'm glad that we could at least give them some of the christmas spirit though! (**Ukraine's Christmas is January 7th**)This week has been full of tracting, and that's where the good stories come in. We tracted into some guy that opened the door in the smallest underwear I've ever seen. I had to turn around for a second to stop myself from laughing.  Also, during new years some Babooshka outside our window was lighting fireworks, and was holding a roman candle like the statue of liberty but her arm got tired, so it started shooting into peoples windows. We were dying. Also, we were at a bus stop and some guy in a bus screeched up and was like "GET ON!" we ran on, and he proceeded to drive 20 miles over the speed limit, running taxis and people off the road on a route that we've never been. It was hilarious. We got to center Gorlovka 15 minutes earlier than we should have, it was awesome.

Random: I found out that our mission has an evacuation plan in case Russia invades Ukraine. Elder Smith and I spent some time talking about our adventures and how we would make it there if that happened. It'd make a good movie.

Lessons we taught: We didn't teach much, because everyone was gone this week or wasted, but the ones we did teach focused on Christ's birth. It's really cool, because sunday here is "Voskresene" no idea how to spell it in english. It's Russian for "Resurrection". It's cool to help people realize their culture has a lot of Christianity entwined in it, that they might not even realize.

Scripture of the week: Mosiah 13:4
..Because I have spoken the word of God ye have judged me that I am mad.

This scripture is Abinidi talking to King Noah and his court, telling them that they should repent and live a Christlike life. That's exactly how I feel here in Ukraine. Some people here think we are crazy for what we are doing, and they aren't afraid to tell us. However, I am trying to be like Abinidi and continue sharing the powerful message that we have even with people who have that mindset.

Anyways, I hope you have a good week! I Love you all! Thanks for the email!

GO seahawks!!!
We ran out of food yesterday (fast ssunday) so we had to go total ukrainian and eat a TON of potatoes!

20 Year old birthday with a cake that Christina sent me the stuff to make! 

Overdramatic birthday wishes ;) Look at that cut jaw line, haha

Baptism! Jean Gerard Leonide (Jared). The guys a boss! Love that kid! So hilarious, I can't stop laughing when I'm with him!

This picture is with a family here that lives in a little city outside of Gorlovka called Zjcherdensk (impossible to spell in english), called the oman's. Bro. Oman is a chernobyl surviver. The family is awesome, and Danil (the kid next to me) served a miny mission, which is just one transfer up in Xarkov.

Pravaslavnie temple by the Oman's

Ukrainian paperwork, where I look like some felon named Igor that got arrested for small arms dealing.

Horse jerkey! Yeah, it's disgusting, don't ever get it. 

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