Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 34!

So this is Elder Carley and I on the train headed up north. Ready to roll! 

Elder Hodgeson and Paige walking down the streets of Kharkov
I'm a sucker for European architecture
Martroshky dolls in Kharkov!

Eating some pastries at midnight right after getting to Kharkov. Soooo good. Dad would've died for them haha.
Train station at night.
Elder Withers, Hodgeson, and I. 
Temple in Kharkov
10 months on the mission already! Wow.
I got to use a SCYTHE to cut down grass. How cool is that!

Us saluting the beautiful flag of the USA in our matching shirts.
This chinchilla totally just bit me as the picture was being taken.
We have a lot of missionaries coming in and out of our apartment during transfer week. Looooots of shoes.
An abandoned building up in Makeevka.
President Malm, his wife, and myself. Don't  look like myself at all in this one but yeah.
Making a pyramid with Jones and Goloschokov while they are over for transfer week. Good times ;P
The "cancer" has spread to Ukraine (Inside joke) 
I was cleaning some missionaries apartment and found this "ranch" under their counter. Yeah, that's straight mold.

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