Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 33!

As for the week, it's been pretty crazy. Lots of stuff to do. There is a book that I have that has the top 555 verbs and their conjugations in russian, and I've decided that I want to memorize it all by the end of next transfer. Lots to study! I'll keep you updated with how the Russian study is going as I get closer to the deadline. As for the weather here, it's been HOT. It's been super muggy, and is only going to keep on getting hotter. It's helped me appreciate the weather back home. A couple of days ago it got up to 114 in the shade, I don't even want to know how much in the sun! (Refer to fan picture). As for missionary work this week, we've had some huge miracles happen. There is one person in particular that has stood out from all the rest. Her name is Olga, and she's about 35. We were in the park talking to a guy from Jordan, and she randomly came up and asked for english help. We told her that we would only talk about religion in English, and she was fine with it and agreed oto meet at a later day. Then, after teaching her about the restoration, she said that it was exactly what she had been looking for all her life, and that she had been prepared for that very day. It was super cool! SHe wants to get baptized next month, and she was at church yesterday. Talk about a miracle story. She doesn't know any english except for some random words like "Umbrella" and "Couch". SSO yeah, there wasn't much english being talked during the whole thing, haha. Anyways, I'm sorry this is short but we're short on time today. THis next week we will be going up to Kharkov, a city up north for the mission leaders conference. It's going to be cool taking a train up there. We will leave on wednesday night and come back thursday night. It's about 5 hours each way on the express train. I'll make sure to take pictures for you guys. THis is my first time leaving the Donbass, haha. I love you! Take care, I hope this week is fantastic.

So it's been hitting like, 110 this week, and our apartment doesn't have airconditioning. Mugginess is no bueno, so this has been the alternative. Ahhhh!
This was us watching the work of salvation broadcast. Carley makes for a good footrest.
Okay, so this was a bug was totally getting all up in my grill while I was on the phone with a member. I didn't even realize it until after Carley look a picture of it. The thing was HUGE! 
yeah, disgusting.
This is Carley holding the bug, the thing has some huge gnashing pincher things. 
So this is us with a member whose name is Albina. We were eating lunch with her, and decided to take a picture. It was timed, and took in multiples of 3 The first one is normal, then during the second one she tried putting the basket on her head, and it fell off. That's why I'm dying in the second one. And the third one. ALl the food splattered all over the ground...and my back. The shirt has a lot of tomato stains I'm trying to wash out now! Good times.

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