Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 14: New Companion, Babushka, & Pictures!

The new companion is great, he reminds me of James in every sense! Looks, humor, voice, he's even from northern California, and he is willing to work hard, so, as you could imagine we get along great. We've had a great week, but a crazy one. For example, we met some crazy possessed babushka (who is a convicted murder) who tried chasing us down the street, and as she was yelling at us and probably trying to put a curse on us, a car almost hit Elder Groothuyzen, going pretty fast. It was pretty crazy. Good thing we have mastered our speed walking skills, haha. We've had a lot of weird experiences happen, but I think it's because we've been putting so much work in that Satan is trying to do everything he can to stop us. Our companionship works out great because each person is equally motivating to the other, although Elder Groot always jokes that I'm going to kill him several transfers before he goes home, haha. Anyawys, yeah. This week has definitely been the "most successful" in terms of contacting and teaching people. It's been a real blessing. Being Zone Leader is a little stressful, but I like having work to do. I like fixing things, or trying to at least. I love working hard. Like, I feel sooo lazy from before my mission! You're going to be surprised I think when I get home, about how much more effective I am!
 Sorry this is short, I'm rushed for time this week.
Keep it real,
Looking down an elevator. We got on at the ninth floor, and the door didn't close, so what did I do? Lean out and take a picture! Haha

Graffiti on one of the abandoned buildings behind my apartment building. Words to live by.

Officially the hardest companionship names in the mission! ;) Groothuyzen and Litzenberger. We go by Groot and Litz

 One of the many sewage leaks that are around our apartment. I didn't know it was a sewage leak when I walked through it.. 

The wonderful roads of Gorlovka! 

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